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My bedroom!

I just rearranged my bedroom and bought/made a few new things so I figured I'd post a few pics... :)


Canvas I just made to match my new comforter, with my initial :) (flash made the glitter much more prominent than it really is)

View from the hallway


This is the earring holder and shelf/necklace holder I made to hold all of my jewelry. I painted a wooden frame, added fancy buttons I found at a craft store, added craft netting, and viola! I can hook my earrings through the netting!

Then I took a plain white shelf from Lowes, screwed some hook screws into the bottom, and hung my necklaces from there.


Gotta love that Jensen Ackles wallpaper (even though the flash washed it out)

Little shelves that were a pain in the ass to hang, lol, with some of my graduation pics, votives, and a little flower vase I put together using fake flowers and a cute vase from Pier 1.

Other side of the room with my dresser and closet door. I moved my bookshelf into the closet since the room was getting really cluttered. My guitar and most of my clothes are also in there.

Nightstand... trying to figure out which book to start next. Suggestions?

A little wooden cross I got from Michaels, painted, and added a hook screw into the bottom to hold my rosary. :)
Tags: art: canvas, general: my room
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