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Drabble: Booth/Brennan "Just One Taste"

Title: "Just One Taste"
Prompt: Booth/Brennan, Carnival Food
Written for: Bones Comment Fic Meme
Rating: G
Spoilers: none

"Just One Taste"
by: laugh_cry_live

“Can I help you?”

“Yeah, two funnel cakes please?” Booth asked the young kid behind the counter, handing him a $10.

“Booth, that is disgusting. It’s just fried dough covered in sugar. Funnel cakes have absolutely no nutritional value.”

Booth laughed as he pocketed his change and took the two, grease-soaked paper plates that he was handed.

“Bones,” Booth replied as he ushered them over to a nearby picnic table, “funnel cakes aren’t supposed to have nutritional value. They’re just meant to taste good!” Booth smirked and sat down at the picnic table.

Brennan narrowed her eyes at Booth’s response, then took a seat across from him.

Putting her cake down in front of her, Booth watched Brennan expectantly. However, she just sat still with her hands in her lap.

“I’m not eating that Booth.” She said defiantly, glancing down at the cake in disgust.

Booth sighed dramatically and rolled his eyes.

“Fine. Waste my four dollars. But I’m going to dig in.”

Booth rubbed his hands together in anticipation, a grin covering his face. Brennan watched as he pulled part of the fried dough from the clump on his plate and, not-so-gracefully, shoved it into his mouth.

“Mmmmm.” Booth sighed, closing his eyes to savor the sweet taste of a carnival funnel cake.

After a few seconds, he opened his eyes, nodding. “Oh yeah. That’s good.” Booth mumbled, wiping his mouth with a napkin.

“Come on, Bones! A funnel cake is part of the carnival culture. You’re an anthropologist, you have to engage in the customs of a culture to fully understand it.” Booth watched as Brennan’s eyes flickered over the funnel cake and back to him. She was considering it.

“Just one taste. If you don’t like it, you can throw it away.”

Booth was sitting forward now, his arms leaning on the table as he waited to see what Brennan would do.

Brennan reached down and pinched off a small piece of the cake, shaking off the excess powdered sugar (ignoring Booth’s scoff and remark that the sugar was “the best part”), and slowly put it into her mouth.

Booth watched intently, waiting for her reaction. After chewing quietly for a moment, Brennan smiled.

“Okay, you were right. That is good!” She agreed, her eyebrows arched in surprise.

Booth clapped his hands together and laughed. “Ha! I told you! Now you need to try a deep fried oreo…”

Brennan’s nose wrinkled in disgust and Booth erupted with laughter. “Sooner or later, Bones. You’ll come to the dark side sooner or later.”

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