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Well, after thinking my chance to see the New Kids on the Block was forever gone, the group reunited! Then I had tickets to see them in Charlotte last year, and I had to change my plans for family-related reasons. Then, as if a ray of light was shining down on me, they announced that they would be in Raleigh this June. THEN I got 8th row tickets!


and today, they announce that this show is cancelled and will not be resheduled.


I guess my chance to see NKOTB is gone for good :(

*okay, end of self-pity rant*
Xfiles - MulderScullyUmbrella

Grad School!

Yay! I received my acceptance letter from ECU Graduate School today!! I will start their MBA program in the fall. And I graduate from undergrad at ECU on FRIDAY! Whooo! Life is good right now :)